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   "The coconut tree cant sway alone; it needs the wind to move it" Aubry Padmore - Author & Coach






The client matters. . .


The first question we asked when this company was formed is. . . Whom do we serve and why? We asked ourselves the same questions we asked you in the process of bringing this company to the activity level we now sustain.

The answer was you the client. Without the client there is no Futurequest Services. The name says it all. . . we are participating in the development of your vision. You may have an idea or a fully developed concept you have been sitting on for days, weeks months or years. Whatever the case, we are here to assist you to bring your idea or concept to fruition by offering our services.


Have you written a short story, a novel, a collection of poems?

Let us help you get published!

Literary empowerment is the cornerstone of growth for any community. Readers are leaders and we want to provide great leadership for all communities through reading. For this reason, Global Village Book Publishing is committed to carrying on the legacy of literary empowerment by publishing works of the undiscovered writers of our global community.>>read more

CaribVoiceRadio™ is dedicated to providing news, views, interviews, talk and more concerning issues related to the diaspora and our community at large. Our broadcast schedule features segments from an eclectic mix of people and happenings that we feel are relevant to our diaspora, partners and people of all walks of life. Tune in to our broadcast. . .Teach more, learn more, change the world.

>>read more

The Directory is not a Speakers Bureau; we do not book speaking engagements for the speakers. We are simply providing an opportunity for speaker listings. We do however provide speaking opportunities as part of our in-house seminar and workshop programs. Being part of our listing allows us to share information regarding your services and also provide our in-house services at a discount rate.>> read more





As a client your vision becomes our mission!  









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